Professor Dr. Wiel Veugelers is a professor of education at the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht (the Netherlands). He studied developmental psychology at the University of Amsterdam. From 1979 till may 2015 he was working at the Graduate School of Teaching and Learning of the University of Amsterdam, recently as associate professor. Since 2002 he has a chair as Professor of education at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, in particular in the area of sense giving and humanity and on humanist ethical education (HVO).

His research and teaching is in the areas of citizenship education, moral development, teachers’ pedagogical professionalism, educational change, networking between educational institutions, identity and citizenship development, youth studies and youth subcultures.

He has been supervising major research projects and phd studies in the areas of moral development, citizenship education, multicultural education, educational change, cooperation of educational institutes, and youth development. He has received research grants of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO); The Ministries of Education, Law and Social Affairs; the National Pedagogical Centres, The National Curriculum Development Institute, etc.

He is coordinating several international academic networks:

– The network ‘Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship (EDIC) in which eight European universities work together in education and research. This network is funded by the European Erasmus Programme.

– International Networks for Democratic Education (INDE) in which worldwide ten school- university networks work together.

He has been programme-chair of the AERA SIG Moral Development and Education and is now the chair of this SIG. He was founder and president of the EARLI SIG Moral and Democratic Education, is president of the Division Education and Society of the Dutch Educational Research Association (VOR) and a member of the general board of the Dutch Educational Research Association.

He is editor and founder of the bookseries ‘Moral Development and Citizenship Education’ of SensePublishers. He is associate editor of the Journal of Moral Education and member of the editorial boards of the journals Compare, International Journal of Leadership in Education, Pedagogiek, Akademeia, ECCOS, Revista Lusofona Educacao. He has published more than 60 articles in peer reviewed international academic journals.

In the Netherlands he is scientific advisor for citizenship and citizenship education of the Dutch Institute for Curriculum Development (SLO), the National Pedagogical Centre (LPC) and the Organisation of Public Schools (VOO). He is member of the expert group of indicators for citizenship and citizenship education of the European Commission. He is a member of the international programme advisory board of the IEA study on citizenship education (ICCS).

He recently participated in several EU funded projects:

– ‘Active Citizenship in the European Union’ led by the University of London/Southampton (Dr. Hoskins) (2011-2012).

– In the ALFA programme the project RIAIPE3 about universities and society in Europe and Latin America (2011-2013), coordinated by University of Lusofino Lisbon (2011-2013)

– The FP7 project Parrise on science and society, coordinated by Utrecht University (2014- 2017).

He has done several evaluation and review studies on research of citizenship education, active participation of citizens, and local citizenship for the Dutch Council of Scientific Research (1999; 2003; 2008) and the Dutch Government (2004; 2011).

He has been invited as speaker in academic conferences and universities in most countries of Europe, in many conferences in the USA, and in academic conferences and universities in Africa, Latin America and Asia. He was a visiting professor in 12 universities worldwide.

His recent books in English are ‘Teaching in Moral and Democratic Education’ (Peter Lang, 2003), ‘Network Learning for Educational Change’ (Open University Press, 2005), ‘Getting Involved. Global Citizenship Development and Sources of Moral Values’ (SensePublishers, 2008). ‘Education and Humanism’ (SensePublishers, 2011).