EDIC module at University of Humanistic Studies

Theory and Practice of Citizenship Education: Teaching Democracy and

How can we address moral values and citizenship in education? In this
interdisciplinary module we try to answer this question in a theoretical as well as in a practice-oriented way by comparing different international approaches derived from research and our own international classroom. Lectures of different (inter)national teachers like prof. Filimon Peonides from Aristotle University Thessaloniki and prof. Wiel Veugelers from our own university will be combined with excursions to schools and educational NGO’s. Would you like to learn more about citizenship education and specifically about democracy and tolerance in educational policy and practice?Come and join us for the week in February!
Practical information
When: 18-22 February 2019
Where: University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht
For whom: Master and PhD students
Coordinat or : Wiel Veugelers
More information: www.uvh.nl/edic/moduleuvh
Cont act and regist er : d.drenth@uvh.nl